Lab 1 for Release 0.1

My Code

My first issue was that I did almost EVERYTHING in a single method, I KNEW I shouldn’t have done this but I was so in the moment coding that when it was complete I was hesitant to change the code. Of course this was pointed out to me by Thanh and I made a mental note for the next time I make stuff like this to avoid over bloating a single method.

My Partner Thanh’s Code

While going through Thanh’s code I was amazed at the similarity of certain things like how we both used yargs and chalk. I did however enjoy how his was more simple to follow despite the lack of comments. One thing I noticed I did that Thanh didn’t (not that he needed to, just an observation) was that he didn’t check for duplicate URLs which would have made his already fast CLI even faster.


While we fixed all the coding issues, discussed design choices and other things, it was still a disheartening feeling to be crushed trying to tame the beast that is git. Despite that, it was great actually working with each other’s open source programs and spotting things and learning off each other’s code.



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Alexander Hugh

Alexander Hugh


Student in software development at Seneca college, Ontario Canada. Primarily going to talk about programming stuff but may talk about other hobbies here.