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Alexander Hugh
5 min readOct 14, 2020


Hey everyone! It’s me again, and it has been one heck of a week to say the least. Midterms are around the corner and to say I’m feeling the burn is uh, well… Lets just say I got a bit burnt. BUT, now we’re cooking with fire because I’m back, and this time we’re going to Korea! (That’s South Korea for those that needed that clarification)

I already made three references in so just bear with the heat for a bit.

So recently, for those who may or may not know, it’s October! And that means that it’s also Hacktoberfest which is this month long celebration of open source development where coders of all experience levels from small embers to roaring bonfires try and make one pull request a week or 4 in a month. It’s sorta like Inktober for my art inclined friends. So when I heard we’re going to be participating in this event for our 0.2 assignment I was very excited and now that October is here, my mood can be summed up as simply:

So to begin my trailblazing into release 0.2. I started looking for some issues and repositories to work on. Unfortunately my passion may have burned brighter than my mind and I was looking at big projects that were looking to do way more than my experience, maybe for week 4 of release 0.2 when my flame burns brighter. After some guidance from my professor I decided to do something easy which was to make an .editorconfig file. So I searched through the issues with .editorconfig and found one for this project, alright alright, lets do this!

I did my research for .editorconfig, the style guide they wanted me to follow and watched some videos on it. I then made the file for it, tested and did the standard affair of git add “.editorconfig” then git commit -m “message” and then git push. And then when I was going to merge my branch with the master it gave me this:

I thought I did a good job since followed the rules and what they asked of me so I considered my work done and I could blow out the candles for some rest… Except I read a bit more and I was concerned it wouldn’t be good enough. So I decided to do another just so I could ensure I did it right either out of guilt or simply dissatisfaction, I’m not entirely sure.

So I scoured the internet once again for another repo to do an .editorConfig file and I came across this really awesome project these student’s from Korea are making for their capstone and it was honestly interesting! It reminded me a bit about the DAIN project a bit as well which I talked about in my very first blog post. I knew I had to do this one just because it lit a spark that would burn into a passion. Plus, I was helping another group of student’s across the globe, how cool is that? To me that’s what’s so interesting about programming and just this type of work.

Anyway as for the issue these people posted I translated it the best I could:


It is a passing human.

Whether it was a coincidence or necessity, I came here looking for video and image quality, fps enhancement, and colorization code.

I applaud your work so far.

Nothing else, I would like to create some issues to help.

editorconfig allows multiple IDEs to follow the same lint rules… Anyway, it’s good, and I’ll skip the explanation with the link below.

I want to recommend it!

Thankfully, it essentially just simmered down to just making one that would work for the files in the repository, in other words, I would blaze my own path and determine what is best, excellent!

As before, I did my research, but this time I followed what the pre-existing code looked like so there wouldn’t be a ton of visual changes to the code. This way it wouldn’t confuse the people and cause them to question: “Why did you change all the code!” So I did that, and reused some of the code from my last pull request. I then made my first pull request and DISASTER! For some reason it deleted all the files with the exception of the .editorconfig! I have no idea what happened but what my best guess is this; In master I made my issue branch but I neglected to commit the files originally so I might have committed the files and then moved to my issue branch where the original files were un-committed files possibly??? Then when I made the .editorconfig I somehow overwrote the committed files in the master, or I somehow made my issue branch the master. Either way, I messed up and I knew this pr wouldn’t do at all. I wrote an apology and when I was able to I got to work making ANOTHER one that wouldn’t totally remove their code.

This time, I was extra careful, I wrote my steps on paper and checked them off one by one. I restarted from scratch, deleting the files on my laptop. I cloned them. I then committed all the files FIRST before I made my issue branch. Then, in the branch, I brought in the editorconfig file, tested it and then merged it with the master branch. I did git status at every step to ensure I was doing things right and finally…pushed it went through and it was only the .editorconfig file that was added! Success! Now I’m just waiting for them to accept this PR.

And that was my sorta international journey for release 0.2 part 1. I sorta ran out of tinder for those fire references at the end there. However, I learnt some lessons:

1: Don’t bite off more than you can chew but definitely go for a big bite, gauge your time because I am writing this very late.

2: Ask for help and try and act quick with it.


4: make sure you have a broad game plan when approaching these because if you make mistakes, you can adjust, but not too broad or you won’t know what you’re doing.

That’s all I got for today everyone. Thank you so much for reading this abnormally long post and stay tuned for next week!



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